About Michael

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Michael Mueller helped build an internationally recognized, award winning local business.  More importantly, he is an active citizen and community leader. He attended the University of Maryland School of Horticulture before managing landscape crews, to becoming Vice-President of the largest nursery in Kentucky. Early in life, he realized his passion for the outdoors and people. He married Andrea Wilson Mueller almost 19 years ago and they have two awesome teenagers.


On a day to day basis, he completes a myriad of business related duties as the President of Inside Out Design. Knowing how business, budgets and staff operate are critical to a successful local government. Also important are people skills to keep things moving forward. If you know Michael, you know he likes to get things done.  Managing fleets of trucks and equipment, crews, logistics, complex projects, and much more, Michael doesn't mind jumping in the trenches to accomplish tasks - he is a DOER. His experience serving employees, homeowners, business owners, schools, non-profits, and governmental agencies every day, while bringing project on time and on budget has been an asset to Fiscal Court. 

In 2013, he completed the Leadership Frankfort program, as well as The Frankfort Police Academy program; In 2015, the Leadership Central Kentucky along with  the Franklin County Sheriff's Academy.  These experiences enriched Michael's knowledge of our community and local businesses, services, and government needs and solutions. 

He served on American Red Cross Board of Directors and also served as the President of the Kentucky Landscape and Nursery Association.  Michael advanced from Chamber Board Member to Chair of Frankfort Chamber of Commerce, where he championed education in our community.  On the Board for Solid Waste and Recycle, he continues to help the community advance sustainability initiatives.

No matter what leadership role Michael is fulfilling, people come first.  As a business and community leader,  Michael has earned the respect of many through his unwavering dedication and work to improve the Franklin County community while having a positive and easy to work with attitude.  

He has very much enjoyed serving his community as District 3 Magistrate since 2019, which inspired his run for Judge Executive. As magistrate he serves on the Parks, Benefits, Solid Waste and Compensation Committees and initiated the Master Parks Plan for Lakeview Park.

"It is time to make our community what it deserves to be.  It’s time to stop wanting credit for accomplishments and do it for the right reason, so that we all win. It’s time that we start playing as a team."

Here are a few other things Michael has done or helped support (it is important to note that it is a team and he is one vote):

  • Helped balance the budget and create a more fiscally responsible Fiscal Court.

  • Through the balanced budget decisions we’ve been able to give employees more $ each year and give to other important community organizations.

  • Worked with school system and mountain bike association to create a practice facility behind FCHS; helped build mountain bike track.

  • Requested the increase in funds given to the Humane Society in the initial meeting, which is now under construction.

  • Currently on Solid Waste and Recycling Task Force trying to make recycle program better.

  • Advocated for joint county and city meetings to save tax payer dollars, reduce duplicated services, and create overall efficiency.

  • Initiated Lakeview Park removal of invasive species and redesign for improved community quality of life.

  • On the Invasive Species task force to help our County to be more responsible with the issue of invasive plants and protect our natural beauty and resources.

  • Working with Silverlake HOA to relocate the pump station, which is now in the works.

  • Advocated for transparency and putting meetings on Facebook for public to see.

  • Voted for smart development and against development that would negatively impact our community, our sense of place, and citizens.


He believes Franklin County can be more.  He has the vision, integrity and bold leadership to get us there!

"I am running for County Judge-Executive to help our community.  I have no desire to be a lifetime politician.  It is time to make our community what it deserves to be.  It’s time to stop wanting credit for accomplishments and do it for the right reason, so that we all win. It’s time that we start playing like a team.  There is no I or me in the word team.  We have the Kentucky River, the Elkhorn Creek, over 1,000 acres of parks, and with vision, strategic planning, and leadership, we can be a successful community."

Learn more about his VISION here!

In short...

Who am I?

  • Husband and father

  • Effective leader

  • 3rd District Magistrate

  • Energetic community advocate and volunteer

  • Fresh face with a new perspective and new ideas

  • President of Inside Out Design (retiring from this and have trained leaders to take my place if elected Judge Executive)


What do I support?

  • Improving quality of life through a better parks system

  • Smart, responsible growth and progress for our community

  • Efficient government

  • County and city combined efforts on certain tasks to save tax payer $ and reduce duplicative efforts

  • Effective, responsive and clear process planning and zoning

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Embracing and being intentional about diversity

  • Successful public schools

  • Financial stewardship

  • Improving public services and public spaces, including improved infrastructure (sidewalks, drainage, roads, internet, etc) 

  • Sustainable, fiscally responsible infrastructure improvements for sewers and roads


I will:

  • Find practical solutions for complex issues

  • Bring business experience to local government

  • Advocate for the Franklin County community

  • Take Franklin County to the next level 

Let’s grow together!

Let's make a difference together!