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Quality of Life for Franklin Countians

Part of an improved quality of life is to improve and expand our parks system and support our schools. Improved parks and recreation spaces contribute to overall health, give citizens more to do, and has many other benefits. 

Quality of life we can afford starts with a vision, proper planning, and successful execution. I support improved:

  • Community amenities and facilities

  • Parks and trails systems and expanding parks

  • Safety

  • Schools

  • Connections to waterways, river and creek

  • More public access points along waterways

The team we hired for the Lakeview project builds 85% of the projects they design (a high success rate). Their project in Elizabethtown generated over $33 million dollars in economic development just last year. That is the kind of quality of life and growth we need without the need to raise taxes - Click here for more info!

Lakeview Park Phase 1

Update on parks and pool!

Lakeview Phase 1 and Sports Commission

  • We approved assessment of Sports Commission to evaluate funding for the project, some funding will be provided by ARPA funds and rainy day fund. We only want to build something we can afford, so this project will be done in phases.

  • We've approved a RFP for design-build proposal for Phase 1 which will include: site clearingamphitheater, parking, furniture; and softball field, motor sports arena, and golf course updates.

Pool! I've been working with the Governor, Mayor, YMCA and KSU to solve this long term issue. Updates to come!

More parks! Fiscal Court just voted to approve purchasing neglected land in Ducker's Subdivision!

Addressing Your Concerns

General Update 

Thank you to everyone who participated in person, online or via email comments. It was a great opportunity to hear community input to further develop the plan to meet community needs. Unfortunately, the forum was supposed to be question and answer and then firm was not given the opportunity to answer questions or concerns by the meeting facilitator, which is a critical part of the process. All concerns except for the pool are easily addressed and worked into the plan. A pool is needed for our community and I am working to help that issue.


I would like to give our community a broader perspective into the programs as well as the processes and design of this master plan. The programs of the park needs for development were voted on by the 3-member park committee. Programs are what will be included in the plan and their general location, not necessarily exact size or location which is in the design phase. A "program" is the sports and activities that the Hitchcock Group and our community input identified as the best use for Lakeview Park. Much misinformation was spread about the project further dividing the community on what will be a positive addition. The design (exact location, design and size of the buildings, fields, etc) and costs will come in a later phase.


It is important to remember that our community has so many needs due to the neglect and lack of vision from our leadership. I initiated this project because it is time to address our community needs and be more than status quo. I will work for our community. No longer should it be acceptable to sit back and watch other communities grow and prosper, it is OUR time.   

Facility Design


The biggest concern in the overall plan was that there isn’t an aquatic center.  I completely understand and relate to that concern. It is clear a pool is long overdue for our community and we have lost so much without one. The Hitchcock Group requested the city parks master plan (link above) prior to starting the design of Lakeview. Because the YMCA (equating to indoor pool) is in the city master plan, they did not add a pool at Lakeview to avoid duplicate services. In addition, based on research and regional needs, the firm designed the park plan for the best use.


We need to work together to solve this long term problem for our community members. This is an issue I am ready and willing to tackle. After the public meeting, I immediately met with the City and school system and serious talks are starting about building an indoor pool in Frankfort. While solid information isn’t available at this time, I will continue to work on this and communicate updates. Here is a document I put together with some ideas for a community pool.

And here are words from Frankfort swimmer, Ida-Palmer Ball.

Disc Golf

Disc golf – weaving a disc golf course into the design is in the program currently, however, was not shown on the concept plan. We are waiting for approval from Franklin County School system to use part of the back fields and we want the input of the Disc Golf Association. In any case, the program is there and I hope the school board will support this activity. 

Tennis and Connectivity

Connectivity is very important; we discussed the need to add connection points to the neighborhoods to make it walkable and bikeable to the park. We are currently looking for grants and options to connect to the school.  We discussed this during our last March park meeting.


I am currently talking to the school systems and city who own the 20+ tennis courts about investing money to revitalize those so that they can be used by community members and for tournaments. The City has committed $130,000 in their masterplan to improve their existing courts.  With the current courts improved and being able to have indoor tennis during the winter months in the new facility, Frankfort could become a destination for tournaments year round.

Golf and Driving Range

Golf – the biggest concern was the length of the driving range and practice facilities, which can be accommodated during design phase. People were misinformed that this is a "final plan," but in reality, this is a concept plan that can have modifications to meet needs. The golf course remains as is. The golf program is being improved by building new practice facilities, such as sand traps, putting greens, new pro shop, nets on driving range, lighting on driving range, and heated bays on the 2nd level. The number of bays will remain the same or increase, depending on space. We want to improve the facility for golfers and users. The new plan will achieve this.

Have concerns? Contact me and I'd be  happy to meet and discuss.

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