Vision  Main Points

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All of my main vision points intersect and rely on one another for a successful community. I will be an effective leader and create a strategic plan with defined benchmarks for which I expect to be held accountable.


We need more and better paying jobs, and to create a place people want to live and stay, and to provide more housing. Since 2014 (when the incumbent took office) we have lost over 1,600 jobs (3,000 were lost pre-pandemic); 65% of people who work in Franklin County live elsewhere; our growth is far behind neighboring counties; our homes are worth less than neighboring counties; and our infrastructure needs improving. To improve this, I want to focus on better paying jobs, youth retention, and quality of life. As someone who built and manages a successful business, I have the experience that matters to address these issues. I bring people together to get things done and help our community prosper. Click here for more info.


Franklin County is a beautiful place to call home. Numerous vacant buildings, drainage issues, zoning blunders, and more hold our county back. We need more businesses to infill existing vacant buildings and lots. Roads and sewers are some of our highest cost infrastructure, so infill helps reduce that cost and sprawl increases that cost - both immediately and long term. Responsible growth and Strong Town principles combined with responsive, clear and consistent processes can help businesses and homeowners. Responsible growth is critical to protect our most beautiful assets and also to create a more sustainable community. Click here for more info.


Our one county park has big potential to add to quality of life and economic development, but we could also have so much more to attract visitors and residents to our town. No more plans sitting on shelves - it is my goal to actualize a successful plan that addresses community needs, adds to quality of life, and makes people want to live here. 

The team we hired for the Lakeview project builds 85% of the projects they design (a high success rate). Their project in Elizabethtown generated over $33 million dollars in economic development just last year. That is the kind of quality of life and growth we need! Click here for more info!


Accountability and Leadership

Our leaders, along with committed citizens, are responsible for the success of our community. I will use my business and management experience to restore fiscal responsibility and create a plan for tomorrow. I will develop a strategic plan with defined benchmarks for a successful future. Franklin County deserves positive change and I will lead us there.

Part of being accountable and being a good leader is also being inclusive. See more at the Diversity and Inclusion page.

Have concerns? Contact me and I'd be  happy to meet and discuss.