Vision  & Progress on  Achievements While Magistrate

Cohesive Government

County and City collaboration is necessary to create efficiency and a unified vision.

  • Communication to the community is vital. Quarterly updates to the community via email newsletter, Facebook and website will help with relaying Fiscal Court meeting information.

  • More understandable and approachable permitting processes for businesses will attract and keep local businesses in our County.  Homeowner permitting should also be a seamless process.

  • A plan to set yearly and long term goals will help identify needs and keep us on track.

  • County and City should work together by having joint quarterly meetings to move our community forward with efficiency and consistent goals. 

Highlighting our sense of place will support our residents and attract new families.

  • Franklin County has a great Parks system, with over 1,100 acres in city and county.  I support funding for maintenance, improvements, and for all ages to have recreational opportunities.  We are currently working on master plan and feasibility study for Lakeview Park,  which will equate to quality of life and economic development.

  • We need to promote our diverse natural resources for recreation, including the Kentucky River, Elkhorn Creek, and biking and hiking trails

  • Advertise our central  location to nationally recognized outdoor recreation.

  • Promote public art to make our community aesthetically and culturally better, as well as unique. 

Sense of Place

Safety & Health

The well being of our community should ensure safety & health for all.

  • Communicating regularly with elected officials and safety personnel to address mental health in our community. Currently we are working with UK that addresses this issue, and more needs to be done. 

  • Programs for opioid and other drug recovery and support are vital. Franklin County ASAP.

  • The government can work with local organizations and groups to help educate our community on healthy living and sustainability initiatives.

  • Green spaces, healthy forests, and parks have mental and physical health benefits and contribute to improved air quality.  Our community needs to create and protect these spaces for whole community well being.

Embrace Diversity


Our utilities and utility infrastructureshould be competitive & sustainable. 

  • I support County representation on the Frankfort Plant Board of Directors. 

  • Working with service providers, water, electric, etc will ensure the community is getting fair rates and moving toward sustainable energy.

  • Existing developed areas with antiquated septic systems need sewer, especially when located near waterways; while other areas need infill development instead of sprawl. Sewers are costly and should be focused to areas where they are most needed.

  • Fiscal Court is currently working with Frankfort Plant Board so every Franklin County address will have broadband within the next two years.

Franklin County should be a place where everyone feels welcome regardless of their race, color, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

  • The County should hold public workshops with F.O.R.R. (Focus on Race Relations) based on C.A.R.E. principles with the community and have cultural events with the Frankfort InterFaith Council.  This will help us create an inclusive community.

  • We should strive to think about how people with a range of abilities can access events and spaces, especially as part of our population ages. Accessibility for all is critical.

  • Currently serve on a task force with KSU and City of Frankfort to be intentionally diverse when advertising for jobs in Frankfort.

  • Adopt Charter for Compassion to raise the awareness of how we can make differences in needs, growth,economic expansion and cultural creativity.

​Using Smart Growth and ​Strong Towns principles, development will sustain a thriving community for generations to come and boost the economy and tourism.

  • The Fiscal Court is currently working on a new comprehensive study plan and rewriting ordinances to ensure a balanced and well planned community.

  • Focusing on infill development of vacant lots and buildings will allow a more efficient use of county dollars and make our town more sustainable.

  • The County needs a more business friendly community with a straight forward, consistent, and transparent permitting and building process.


Embrace Diversity


We should empower children at a young age with the knowledge to help move our community forward.

  • Partnerships with local organizations in schools for issues such as animal care, drugs, homelessness, and diversity are a start.

  • Creating more competitive and successful education institutions will support our local public schools.

  • Helping foster the existing relationship with our local university and local businesses with local public schools will benefit our students.

  • Helping create alternative post high school educational opportunities will strengthen our local work force.

  • The County should work with the state to find a solution for the non-taxable, state owned buildings which account for $750 million of tax exempt property in Franklin County. Franklin County has many state tax exempt properties.  Why should Frankfort compensate for the other 119 counties who rely on State services?

  • Work with independent and public schools to help career targeting and helping guide and inspire students for their futures, as well as our future work force.

​Our community services are wonderful resources for citizens and make our community a better and safer place to live.  

  • The Fiscal Court approved funds to the Franklin County Humane Society  for the construction of their new state-of-the-art facility. I support FCHS as well as regulations, such as anti-tethering. Outreach education for children and adults could also help reduce animal control offenders.

  • Fiscal Court is currently working to expand and better control our current recycling and compost program to commercial, industrial and agricultural entities.

  • I support the Franklin County Health Department's mission to prevent, promote and protect in Franklin County.

  • We are currently working on building a new Road Department  facility so it can function more efficiently and safely.  I support making sure the crews have proper equipment and time to do their primary jobs.  


​Using Smart Growth and ​Strong Towns principles, development and care of our infrastructure will sustain a healthy community for generations to come.

  • Working with County and State Road Departments to come up with a short and long term plan of projects and communicate them to our community.

  • Working with local law enforcement and the road departments to address traffic issues such as cut-throughs, speeding, and other resident concerns. I've worked with Sheriff's Department to address this issue in multiple neighborhoods.

  • We need to reduce the need for further infrastructure costs that our community can't afford in the long term by encouraging infill development and using Strong Town and Smart Growth principles.

  • Drainage is a big issue in several precincts.  Development plans for drainage should be more effective and sustainable with proper design.

  • Sidewalks and walkability are necessary in all parts of Franklin County. Connectivity to parks is also critical for quality of life, safety, and economic development.


Have concerns? Contact me and I'd be  happy to meet and discuss.