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Vision  Main Points

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All of my main vision points intersect and rely on one another for a successful community. As an effective leader, I will create a strategic plan with defined benchmarks for which I expect to be held accountable.

To see accomplishments and votes in my magistrate term, click here.


I plan to foster sustainable economic growth through supporting:

  • Existing businesses and making sure they are happy and have the tools they need to succeed

  • Work with local organizations and the state to help recruit and attract new businesses that will fit in our terrain and our future needs

  • Identify businesses that will help create better paying jobs and balance a healthy tax base 

  • Improvements to quality of life, community amenities and facilities, parks and trails systems and schools.

  • Outdoor, bourbon, and sports tourism 

  • Work with state to revisit the capital tax so Frankfort doesn't carry the burden of the other 119 Kentucky counties

  • Curriculum and pipeline for workforce development

As the only candidate who has built and managed a successful business and who has Fiscal Court experience as a current magistrate, I have the experience that matters to address these issues. I bring people together to get things done and help our community prosper. Click here for more info.


Franklin County is a beautiful place to call home. Numerous vacant buildings, drainage issues, zoning blunders, and more hold our county back. I support:

  • Businesses infill existing vacant buildings and lots

  • Reduced sprawl, as roads and sewers are some of our highest cost infrastructure - both immediately and long term

  • Responsive, clear and consistent processes to help businesses and homeowners

Sustainable and responsible growth protects our most beautiful assets, while allowing growth and creating a more fiscally and environmentally responsible community now and in the future. Click here for more info.


Quality of life we can afford starts with a vision, proper planning, and successful execution. I support improved:

  • Community amenities and facilities

  • Parks and trails systems

  • Safety

  • Schools

  • Connections to waterways, river and creek

  • More public access points along waterways

The team we hired for the Lakeview project builds 85% of the projects they design (a high success rate). Their project in Elizabethtown generated over $33 million dollars in economic development just last year. That is the kind of quality of life and growth we need without the need to raise taxes - Click here for more info!


A Government That Works for You

Our leaders, along with committed citizens, are responsible for the success of our community.

  • I will use my business and management experience to ensure fiscal responsibility, manage day to day operations of county government, and create a plan for tomorrow. How CJE roles tie into business management:

    • The Judge Executive has a vote as a member of the Fiscal Court. Fiscal Court helps set budgets for the county, allocate funds the $27 million dollar budget, approve projects and regulations for the county, and advocate for their constituents, businesses, and the county as a whole.

    • Lead all the duties of Fiscal Court; relay information concerning the operations of the county departments and boards to the fiscal court; and keep the fiscal court fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the county.

    • The CJE is the leader who meets with all the departments and makes sure day to day needs are being taken care of and everyone is communicating for the greater good of the community.

  • I will develop a strategic plan with defined benchmarks for a successful future and accountability.

  • I will ensure our local government is working for you and your tax dollars are wisely spent.

Have concerns? Contact me and I'd be  happy to meet and discuss.

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