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Diversity and Inclusion

​I want to help create a community where we can show up for the the people around us and create a culture of belonging. Franklin County should be a place where everyone feels welcome regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, political views, or physical abilities.

By embracing diversity we blend the experiences, voices, and talents of many individuals, which creates the stage for innovation. We need to ask ourselves "who is not at the table and needs to be?" 


Diversity in County Employment

​Diversity comes in many forms (listed above), and race is just one of those dimensions of a human being. Franklin County has 237 employees, 5.4% of those are people of color. Our population is 16% people of color. Here are a few ways I will work to ensure the county is being diverse and inclusive while hiring to help balance these numbers to be more reflective of our community make up: 

  • Create a County specific diversity inclusion task force

  • Have someone from this committee on the hiring committee

  • Review how job listings are written

  • Review how all contracts for vendors are written

  • Review suppliers and partnerships

  • Do bias training within departments and in HR

  • Review other systems and processes as needed

  • Make sure everyone feels like they belong

  • Improve application and interview protocols to avoid discrimination and unconscious bias

  • Be sure we are always hiring based on best ability and qualifications, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

Using Lift with Wheelchair

Being Inclusive

Here are a few things we could do to be a more inclusive community:

  • We should strive to think about how people with a range of abilities can access events and spaces, especially as part of our population ages. Accessibility for all is critical.

  • At Fiscal Court meetings, prayers from diverse religions and nationalities that represent our entire county

  • Support community cultural events and collaborate with houses of worship, different cultural groups, civic groups, non-profits, city and education

  • Round table with leaders of local houses of worship, local high school students, citizens and leaders

  • The County should hold regular public workshops with F.O.R.R. (Focus on Race Relations) based on C.A.R.E. principles with the community and have cultural events with the Frankfort InterFaith Council; and support educational efforts from these groups.

  • Adopt Charter for Compassion to raise the awareness of how we can make differences in needs, growth, economic expansion and cultural creativity.

  • Do education on cultural humility, being an ally, and recognizing privilege

  • Here are some great ideas from other cities

  • Work with P and Z and the comprehensive plan to ensure housing is available in a wide range of needs and that short term rentals do not eliminate housing for residents.

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A Happy Family

Have concerns? Contact me and I'd be  happy to meet and discuss.

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